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Elk Modeling partnering with S & E Boutique

                          MODELLING IS ART OR CAREER 

Elk Modelling Agency is a modeling Agency  that is  located in Malawi. It has its Head office in the city of Blantyre and has branches  in the city of Mzuzu and in the Capital city of Malawi Lilongwe.

The Founder, Owner , CEO is Elizabeth Lisa  Kalenga aka Leesa ELK. an ICT student at Polytechnic University in Blantyre - Malawi and the Co-Founder is  Alegrar Prince Kho Maskin aka Prince Kho a Business Enterprenuer  based in Lilongwe - Malawi.

In communicating with Elizabeth Lisa Kalenga aka Leesa ELK, she states that : MODELLING - MY ART - MY CAREER (M3 Campaign), is a campaign by ELK MODELLING that was launched on 31st October 2019 with the aim of educating and alerting the society that modeling is a career and an art like any other career or art. It was discovered that people I our country (Malawi) has a negative mindset on modelling in which many people think it is not art rather part of prostitution. The campaign will run for five years and it is believed that it will achieve its aim by the end of the period. 

On behalf of S & E Boutique, the CEO and founder of S & E Boutique , a Mary Kay Consultant and a Real Estate  Broker  “ Emma Pace aka Emma Mzumara a Malawian  Entrepreneur based in USA we are proud to partner with Elk Modeling Agency as we will be working together In “Marketing” to meet the needs of our customers and Clients in the need of beauty or cosmetics and latest fashion attires..

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